Your brand is what creates harmony in your marketing plan.  Having the right branding solution communicates the persona of a business; whether potential customers pass by or whether it leaves a lasting impression. Your brand recognition is vital to successful marketing. It is a start point for startups and a refresh point for seasoned businesses looking for a facelift.

Whether you need touch ups on a brand you have a equity in or you need something new, we can explore a creative solution that will work for you.

Web Design

In-Focus Studios designs are customized to express the uniqueness that makes your business YOURS.   Great design work will distinguish you from your competitors and engage potential customers. This service also includes not only an excellently designed website to meet YOUR needs, but also the tools to make it the best it can be! In-Focus Studios will provide search engine optimization, social networking integration, and a content management system.  Give your new website the visibility it deserves.


Have you fancied taking your business online? I can help you with that. The average value of internet orders per person in Canada in 2010 was $1,362; which works out to be a $15.3 billion market. Moving to an online store requires very little startup cost compared to your traditional brick and mortar store and it has the ability to reach a world wide clientele. E-commerce is also for the business owner(s) with a brick and mortar store who want to further extend their market reach.

I can utilize a variety of different e-commerce applications for building an online store. I will match the right application to meet your business needs.

Do you have questions or need some help? Please feel free to contact me.


Who said print is dead? There will always be value in advertising a product or service through media that you can physically give to a customer. I can provide your business with business cards, brochure designs, sales slicks, and newsletters. I have a printer on site for printing posters, newsletters, and brochures. My business is partnered with large print shops in Charlottetown enabling me to handle large volume orders of print media of any type.